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OBJECTIVES Heterotopic ossification which may develop following elbow injuries or elbow surgery may result in complete loss of elbow functions. We evaluated the results of surgical treatment for ankylosis of the elbow due to posttraumatic heterotopic ossification. METHODS The study included seven patients (6 males, 1 female; mean age 36 years; range 23 to(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to retrospectively analyze the radiologic and functional results of patients with instable intertrochanteric femur fractures treated with Profin® nails. METHODS This study included 32 patients (24 female, 8 male; mean age: 70.7 years; range: 65 to 96 years) who were treated with Profin® nails for instable(More)
INTRODUCTION Most of the ACL reconstruction is done with isometric single-bundle technique. Traditionally, surgeons were trained to use the transtibial technique (TT) for drilling the femoral tunnel. Our study compared the early postoperative period functional and clinical outcomes of patients who had ACL reconstruction with TT and patients who had ACL(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate with ultrasound the thickness of the flexor pollicis longus (FPL) tendon and its relationship to the volar locking plate after the fixation of distal radius fractures. METHODS We evaluated 27 type C2 and C3 distal radius fractures with ultrasound to evaluate damage to the FPL tendon after volar plate fixation. The thickness of the FPL(More)
After anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction, which muscle groups are more affected from frequently developing thigh muscle atrophy is a matter of debate. We evaluate the effect of thigh circumference difference between patients' knees who were administered the ACL reconstruction with hamstring tendon autograft and intact knees, on torque between(More)
BACKGROUND Medical photography is used clinically for patient evaluation, treatment decisions, and scientific documentation. Although standards for medical photography exist in many branches of medicine, we have not encountered such criteria in publications in the area of orthopedics. PURPOSE This study aims to (1) assess the quality of medical images(More)
INTRODUCTION We aimed to present the clinical and radiological outcomes of patients with tibial pilon fractures who were treated with hybrid external fixators. Shanz screws were applied synchronously and used as joysticks for fracture reduction. Radiological evaluations were conducted on roentgenograms at the second week, sixth week, third month and first(More)
Purpose. We evaluated whether intramedullary nail fixation for tibial diaphysis fractures with concomitant fibula fractures (except at the distal one-third level) managed conservatively with an associated fibula fracture resulted in ankle deformity and assessed the impact of the ankle deformity on lower extremity function. Methods. Sixty middle one-third(More)
Introduction. Myopericytoma is a very rare perivascular tumor that can be presented with painful mass in lower extremities. We aimed to present an atypical presentation and location of myopericytoma. Presentation of Case. An 18-year-old otherwise healthy individual was admitted to outpatient clinic with complaints of numbness and pain in his right hand. He(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this prospective randomized study was to compare the traction table and lateral decubitus position techniques in the management of unstable intertrochanteric fractures. METHODS Eighty-two patients with unstable intertrochanteric fractures between 2011 and 2013 were included in this study. All patients were treated surgically with the(More)