Adnan Ibrahimbegovic

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In this work we deal with the optimal design and optimal control of structures undergoing large rotations. In other words, we show how to find the corresponding initial configuration and the corresponding set of multiple load parameters in order to recover a desired deformed configuration or some desirable features of the deformed configuration as specified(More)
In this work we consider the fluid-structure interaction in fully nonlinear setting, where different space discretization can be used. The model problem considers finite elements for structure and finite volume for fluid. The computations for such interaction problem are performed by implicit schemes, and the partitioned algorithm separating fluid from(More)
In this work we discuss a way to compute the impact of free-surface flow on nonlinear structures. The approach chosen rely on a partitioned strategy that allows to solve strongly coupled fluid-structure interaction problem. It is then possible to re-use existing and validated strategy for each sub-problem. The structure is formulated in a Lagrangian way and(More)
In this paper, we provide the quantification of the linear and non-linear elastic mechanical properties of graphene based upon the judicious combination of molecular mechanics simulation results and homogenization methods. We clarify the influence on computed results by the main model features, such as specimen size, chirality of microstructure, the effect(More)
The main focus of the present article is the development of a general solution framework for coupled and/or interaction multi-physics problems based upon re-using existing codes into software products. In particular, we discuss how to build this software tool for the case of fluid-structure interaction problem, from finite element code FEAP for structural(More)
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