Adnan Hussein Ali

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Innovative breakthroughs in fundamental research and industrial applications of graphene material have made its mass and low-cost production as a necessary step toward its real world applications. This one-atom thick crystal of carbon, gathers a set of unique physico-chemical properties, ranging from its extreme mechanical behavior to its exceptional(More)
Following the invention of microarrays in 1994, the development and applications of this technology have grown exponentially. The numerous applications of microarray technology include clinical diagnosis and treatment, drug design and discovery, tumour detection, and environmental health research. One of the key issues in the experimental approaches(More)
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a service from the internet services that allows users to communicate with each other. Quality of Service (QoS) is very sensitive to delay so that VOIP needs it. The objective of this research is study the effect of different queuing algorithms within the router on VoIP QoS. In this work, simulation tool “OPNET Modeler(More)
In the present era of aviation technology, autonomous navigation and control have emerged as a prime area of active research. Owing to the tremendous developments in the field, autonomous controls have led today’s engineers to claim that future of aerospace vehicle is unmanned. Development of guidance and navigation algorithms for an unmanned aerial vehicle(More)
Fusion energy research has in the past 40 years focused primarily on the tokamak concept, but recent advances in plasma theory and computational power have led to renewed interest in stellarators. The largest and most sophisticated stellarator in the world, Wendelstein 7-X (W7-X), has just started operation, with the aim to show that the earlier weaknesses(More)
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