Adnan Aktepe

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In this study, we propose a performance management model based on employee performance evaluations. Employees are clustered into 4 different groups according to a job satisfaction-performance model and strategic plans are derived for each group for an effective performance management. The sustainability of this business process improvement model is managed(More)
When studies in literature are examined, it is seen that different approaches have been used to solve facility layout problems. The relationship between departments in layout is always important. In this study, data mining technique is used for analyzing relations among departments and then association rules are obtained. Determining closeness relationships(More)
In today’s competitive service industry, the technology in service systems is used in a wide range of areas. The service companies are now providing service via internet or via other computer based systems in an increasing trend day by day. Expert systems are good examples of these applications. Today, expert systems are used in various fields such as(More)
Purpose The paper is twofold aimed: (i) defining and validating a scale to assess the quality of the university experienced by students and (ii) analyzing the role of the aforementioned dimensions and their impact on students’ satisfaction. Methodology/Approach A survey of 2,557 undergraduate students that finished their degrees in 2013 at universities(More)
Correct detection of input and output parameters of a welding process is significant for successful development of an automated welding operation. In welding process literature, we observe that output parameters are predicted according to given input parameters. As a new approach to previous efforts, this paper presents a new modeling approach on prediction(More)
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