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The green fluorescent protein (GFP) was used as a marker to study the intracellular transport of vacuolar and secretory proteins in yeast. Therefore, the following gene constructs were expressed in Saccharomyces cerevisiae under control of the GAL1 promoter: GFP N-terminally fused to the yeast secretory invertase (INV-GFP), the plant vacuolar chitinase(More)
Mean–field electrodynamics: Critical analysis of various analytical approaches to the mean electromotive force There are various analytical approaches to the mean electromotive force E = u × b crucial in mean–field electrodynamics. In most cases the traditional approach, restricted to the second–order correlation approximation, has been used. Its validity(More)
  • Durfee, V R And Corkill, +30 authors R M And Cottman
  • 1990
tion through communication in a distributed problem solving network. cooperation among communicating problem solvers. A widely dispersed object-oriented operating system. In: Speth, R. A distributed artificial intelligence application for severe storm forecasting.tion: a model and experiment. The contract-net protocol: high-level communication and control(More)
optimum noise performance. One of the forms of the maser (the only one tested so far) has for an equivalent circuit a one-terminal-pair negative resistance R, in series with a noise voltage generator En1. To make a two-terminal-pair network, consider as an artifice not only the noisy negative resistance RI of the maser, but also another positive resistance(More)
In an experiment in the Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics in Perm (Russia) an non–stationary screw dynamo is intended to be realized with a helical flow of liquid sodium in a torus. The flow is necessarily turbulent, that is, may be considered as a mean flow and a superimposed turbulence. In this paper the induction processes of the turbulence are(More)
In this work it will be shown, how the comparison of recur-sive program schemata (RPS) can be reduced to an only slightly modiied type of the search for maximal isomorphic subgraphs by interpreting the RPS as directed, cyclic, labelled graphs. The quality of the mapping of two RPS can be used as a quantitative measure for similarity of RPS among each other.(More)
We propose as a measure of the noise performance of amplifiers the expression F-l M = 1-where F is the spot-noise figure and G is the available power gain. The quantity M, henceforth called the noise measure, has certain appealing properties that are stated here without proof. 1. The noise measure M of an amplifier, consisting of two stages of noise(More)
The SPEAKER pro tempore (during the vote). There are 2 minutes remaining in this vote. b 1829 So the resolution was agreed to. The result of the vote was announced as above recorded. A motion to reconsider was laid on the table. f RECOGNIZING MILITARY AVI-ATORS WHO ESCAPED CAPTURE The SPEAKER pro tempore. The unfinished business is the vote on the motion to(More)
It was shown in Quarterly Progress Report No. 53, page 34, that the analysis of a nondegenerate semiconductor would yield an anisotropic thermoelectric power, provided that the relaxation times T 11 (E) and T 1 (E) differ as functions of energy by more than a multiplicative constant. According to the deformation-potential theory of lattice scattering, as(More)
We use ts to recent published CPLEAR data on neutral kaon decays to + and e to constrain the CPT{violation parameters appearing in a formulation of the neutral kaon system as an open quantum-mechanical system. The obtained upper limits of the CPT{violation parameters are approaching the range suggested by certain ideas concerning quantum gravity.