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Our eyes collect a considerable amount of information when we use them to look at objects. In particular, eye movement allows us to gaze at an object and shows our level of interest in the object. In this research, we propose a method that involves real-time measurement of eye movement for human memory enhancement; the method employs gaze-indexed images(More)
Recent work has shown that the body provides an interesting interaction platform. We propose a novel sensing technique based on transdermal low-frequency ultrasound propagation. This technique enables pressure-aware continuous touch sensing as well as arm-grasping hand gestures on the human body. We describe the phenomena we leverage as well as the system(More)
Mirage proposes an effective non body contact technique to infer the amount and type of body motion, gesture, and activity. This approach involves passive measurement of static electric field of the environment flowing through sense electrode. This sensing method leverages electric field distortion by the presence of an intruder (e.g. human body). Mirage(More)
In this paper, touch typing enabled virtual keyboard system using depth sensing on arbitrary surface is proposed. Keystroke event detection is conducted using 3-dimensional hand appearance database matching combined with fingertip's surface touch sensing. Our prototype system acquired hand posture depth map by implementing phase shift algorithm for Digital(More)
We present Corona, a wearable device that allows constant high-voltage electrostatic charge to be continuously accumulated in the human body. We propose the usages of Corona for three basic functions; generating haptic sensations, generating electric power from body static charge and near-body electric field, and inducing physical force near the body. We(More)
In this study, we present the design guidelines, implementation details, and user study results of WallSHOP, a novel interactive shopping experience that extends content sharing between public digital advertising and mobile devices. Multiple users can access and browse the content shown in public advertising displays from their mobile devices and interact(More)
We present <i>Shuriken</i>, a method for user grouping and data transfer based on relative position estimates of smart devices that are in close proximity. The relative positions are then used for identifying the recipient of transferred data by performing a swipe on the screen of the sending device towards the physical direction of the recipient.(More)
Improvements in Body Area Network (BAN) technical feasibility have encouraged research, which propose applications exploring data transferring touch interaction. In this work, we aim to provide tactile feedback for these applications to improve user experience. We propose Corona, a wearable tactile feedback device that uses electrostatic force to provide(More)
In this paper, we propose the concepts, design guidelines, and implementation details of PhySig, a novel interactive in-store shopping experience that annotates information about products, which are physically located in the store, by a projector and enables shared content between the products and mobile devices. Multiple users access the system from their(More)