Aditya Vashistha

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Monitoring traffic density and speed helps to better manage traffic flows and plan transportation infrastructure and policy. In this paper, we present techniques to measure traffic density and speed in unlaned traffic, prevalent in developing countries, and apply those techniques to better understand traffic patterns in Bengaluru, India. Our techniques,(More)
Interactive voice forums have emerged as a promising platform for people in developing regions to record and share audio messages using low-end mobile phones. However, one of the barriers to the scalability of voice forums is the process of screening and categorizing content, often done by a dedicated team of moderators. We present Sangeet Swara, a voice(More)
With the increasing convergence of network, services, and devices, more number of end user devices are accessing digital media content which were hitherto accessible mainly from computers and television sets. This makes the digital media more prone to illegal copying and distribution. In this paper, we propose a robust digital video watermarking scheme for(More)
We present the first analysis of the use and non-use of social media platforms by low-income blind users in rural and peri-urban India. Using a mixed-methods approach of semi-structured interviews and observations, we examine the benefits received by low-income blind people from Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp and investigate constraints that impede their(More)
Because doctors are scarce in developing regions, they often lack the time to provide detailed counseling to every patient. In this paper, we propose DocTalk: a system that extends doctors' visits by allowing them to share pre-recorded audio messages, in their own voice, to patients with low-end mobile phones. DocTalk uses a combination of SMS and(More)
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems play an important role in collecting and disseminating information in developing regions. Recently, researchers have used IVR technology to build voice forums, in which callers leave messages that can be heard over the Internet and over the phone. However, despite their appeal, voice forums remain difficult to set(More)
To identify mRNAs with altered expression in Rous sarcoma virus (RSV)-transformed cells, we screened a chicken embryo fibroblast (CEF) cDNA library by differential hybridization. One clone, designated R1H, showed markedly elevated mRNA expression in RSV-transformed cells. Nucleotide sequence analysis indicated that R1H mRNA encodes 78-kilodalton(More)
Low-income visually impaired people face a wide variety of educational challenges which are magnified in the developing world. Digital assistive technologies (such as screen readers) are typically out of reach, so individuals depend on Braille and audio recordings to access educational content. Unfortunately, there are acute shortages of Braille and high(More)
Copyright protection of digital media content is becoming increasingly important with increasing potential for content monetization which is attributable to digital convergence. High volumes of uploaded content in social networking and media sharing sites makes it increasingly difficult to monitor all the uploaded content for copyright infringement, piracy(More)
Scene change detection in videos is a primary requirement of video processing applications used for the purpose of generating data needed by video data management systems and digital rights management (DRM) systems. Scene change data can be used in DRM systems for effective IPR protection by means of watermarking and fingerprinting selected scenes. In this(More)