Aditya V. Maheshwari

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Ewing's sarcoma is a high-grade malignant primary bone tumour with aggressive clinico-radiologic features. Rarely, it exhibits a benign pattern, but presentation as a solitary bone cyst in a long bone is rather unusual. The purpose of this paper is to document such a cystic presentation with relatively benign clinico-radiologic course and to review the(More)
Avulsion fracture or progressive radiolucency of lesser trochanter is considered a pathognomic finding in patients with malignancies. Although surgical release of the iliopsoas tendon may be required during a total hip arthroplasty (THA), there is no literature on spontaneous rupture of the ilio-psoas tendon after a THA causing significant functional(More)
BACKGROUND Stiffness after total knee arthroplasty (TKA) requiring manipulation has a reported incidence of 1.3-54%. The purpose of this study was to compare the incidence of stiffness warranting manipulation using two different pain management protocols. We also studied the effect of an intra-articular injection of local anesthetic and steroid given at the(More)
Pigmented villonodular synovitis (PVNS) is a rare, benign, proliferating disease affecting the synovium of joints, bursae, and tendon sheaths. Involvement of bursa (PVNB, pigmented villonodular bursitis) is the least common, and only few cases of exclusively extra-articular PVNB of the pes anserinus bursa have been reported so far. We report a case of(More)
BACKGROUND Abnormal femoral neck anteversion (FNA) and/or acetabulum anteversion (AA) have long been implicated in the etiogenesis of hip osteoarthritis (OA), developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH), and impingement, instability and wear in total hip arthroplasty (THA). Since studies on the Indian population are sparse on this topic, the purpose of this(More)
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