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Sodium vanadium oxide gels, Na(x)V(2)O(5)·nH(2)O, of varying sodium content (0.12 < x < 0.32) were prepared by careful control of an ion exchange process. The water content (0.23 > n > 0.01) and interlayer spacing were found to be inversely proportional to the sodium level (x), thus control of sodium (x) content provided a direct, chimie douce approach for(More)
Background Stem cell therapy in the heart is limited by an inability to track transplanted cell survival. To address this limitation, we used human amnion-derived mesenchymal stem cells (hAMSCs), which exhibit longer in vivo survival, and Manganese (Mn2+)-Enhanced MRI (MEMRI), which enters live stem cells to augment T1 signal. We tested Mn2+ pre-labeling of(More)
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