Aditya Srivastava

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With the advent of deep sub-microntechnologies,interconnectloads and delays are becoming dominant. Consequently, the currently used design ow of iterativelyperforming logic synthesis with statistical wire-load models, doing placement & routing, extracting par-asitics, and using them back in the synthesis tool runs into serious timing convergence problems.(More)
—The research in age-related face recognition has gained a lot of prominence lately due to the challenging problems of human face aging processes and strong demand of robust face recognition system across ages. Such face recognition systems are crucial in practical applications that need the compensation of age, e.g. missing children identification or(More)
—With the development of the smart grid technology, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) plays a significant role in the smart grid. ICT enables to realize the smart grid, but also brings cyber vulnerabilities. It is important to analyze the impact of possible cyber-attacks on the power grid. In this paper, a real-time, cyber-physical(More)
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