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Using multiple lenses of strategic choice theories (diffusion of innovation, organizational innovativeness) and institutional theory as the basis and reflecting data from semi-structured interviews and news reports, the study develops an integrative conceptual RFID adoption model and presents testable hypotheses at the construct and rationale levels. The(More)
Children's difficulty in point-and-click tasks using indirect pointing devices such as the mouse has been documented in several studies. This difficulty is manifested in a lack of control near the target, which often results in children clicking inaccurately. This paper presents and evaluates PointAssist, a tool that helps children in pointing tasks by(More)
Power utilities are increasingly rolling out " smart " grids with the ability to track consumer power usage in near real-time using smart meters that enable bi-directional communication. However, the true value of smart grids is unlocked only when the veritable explosion of data that will become available is in-gested, processed, analyzed and translated(More)
While primary care, obstetrical, and surgical services have started to expand in the world's poorest regions, there is only sparse literature on the essential support systems that are required to make these operations function. Diagnostic imaging is critical to effective rural healthcare delivery, yet it has been severely neglected by the academic, public,(More)
Nasal carriage of Staphylococcus aureus is a sensitive indicator of staphylococcal col-onization and is considered a source of subsequent infection. When the incidence of S. au-reus colonization increased in our neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), resulting in three methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections over a three-month period, we(More)
Mycobacterium africanum is endemic to West Africa and causes tuberculosis (TB). We reviewed reported cases of TB in the United States during 2004-2013 that had lineage assigned by genotype (spoligotype and mycobacterial interspersed repetitive unit variable number tandem repeats). M. africanum caused 315 (0.4%) of 73,290 TB cases with lineage assigned by(More)