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Residues of Diclofenac in Tissues of Vultures in India: A Post-ban Scenario
Studies have indicated that diclofenac can continue to kill vultures even after its ban in India for veterinary use, and it is possible that 14 of 29 white-backed vulture and 9 of 12 Himalayan griffon included in this study died due to dicL ofenac poisoning.
Impact of kite string injuries and temporal variation in types of injuries and illnesses of White-rumped Vultures of central Gujarat, India
Encounters of live vultures with kite string injuries involve birds with severe blood loss, incurable infections and stress which result in decreased survival, mainly because the majority of live encounters are dehydrated fledglings or juveniles which recover well upon administration of intravenous fluids.
Impact of kite string injuries and temporal variation in type of injuries/illness of White Rumped Vultures of central Gujarat
India has nine species of old world vultures from five genera of which seven species (four genera) are resident and two species (two genera) are winter migrants. Populations of three resident Gyps