Aditya Parashari

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OBJECTIVE To assess the sensitivity and specificity of visual inspection of cervix for detection of precancerous and early cancerous lesions of cervix. METHODS In a Maternal and Child Health Care setting of New Delhi women underwent a detailed pelvic examination, visual inspection of cervix after 5% acetic acid application, cytology (pap smear), detailed(More)
We report on an illuminated, low-cost (Rs 1500 (US$ 36)) magnifying device (Magnivisualizer) for detecting precancerous lesions of the uterine cervix. A total of 403 women attending a maternal and child health care clinic who had abnormal vaginal discharge and related symptoms were referred for detailed pelvic examination and visual inspection by means of(More)
BACKGROUND Low cost technologies are needed in resource poor rural settings for detection of pre-cancer and cancer lesions of the oral cavity. AIM The study was undertaken to investigate the feasibility of a low cost technology (Magnivisualizer) for the early detection any lesions of the oral cavity among tobacco users in a resource poor rural field(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the performance of a low cost magnifying device (Magnivisualizer) compared to a standard optical colposcope for detection of precancerous and cancerous lesions of the uterine cervix. METHODS A total of 659 consecutive symptomatic women attending a gynecologic outpatient clinic underwent unaided visual inspection followed by cytology,(More)
To investigate a potential association between single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and  haplotypes at the TNFA-LTA locus and the development of oral cancer in an Indian population. In this study, 150 oral precancer/cancer samples (50 precancer and 100 cancer), along with an equal number of control samples, were genotyped. Six SNPs at the TNF-LTA locus(More)
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