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Many web databases are hidden behind restrictive form-like interfaces which allow users to execute search queries over the underlying hidden database. While it is important to support such search queries, many hidden database owners also want to maintain a certain level of privacy for aggregate information over their databases, for reasons including(More)
Acknowledgements We take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude towards all the people who have helped us in completing this project successfully. We would like to thank our H.O.D Prof. C.V.K Rao who has time and again motivated us & provided his able guidance. We thank our Internal guide Mr. R.B Ingle for all his help & his belief and enthusiasm(More)
Many web databases are hidden behind form-based interfaces which are not always easy-to-use on mobile devices because of limitations such as small screen sizes, trickier text entry, etc. In this demonstration, we have developed MOBIES, a third-party system that generates mobile-user-friendly interfaces by exploiting data analytics specific to the hidden web(More)
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