Aditya Mehendale

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Rear: A parallel between a gyro and a Coriolis mass-flowmeter Summary The accurate and quick measurement of small mass flow rates (~10 mg/s) of fluids is considered an " enabling technology " in semiconductor, fine-chemical, and food & drugs industries. Flowmeters based on the Coriolis effect offer the most direct sensing of the mass flow rate, and for this(More)
Filariasis control programmes are moving towards a strategy of repeated single-dose mass treatment of endemic populations. Using a combination, such as albendazole (ALB) to diethylcarbamazine (DEC) gives both macrofilaricidal and anti-helmintic activity. However, the safety of the combination versus DEC alone should be established in field studies in large(More)
We have realized a micromachined micro Coriolis flow sensor consisting of a silicon nitride resonant tube of 40 μm diameter and 1.2 μm wall thickness. First measurements with both gas and liquid flows have demonstrated an unprecedented mass flow resolution in the order of 10 mg/hr at a full scale range of 1 g/hr. The sensor can simultaneously be used as a(More)
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