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— In recent years, development of micro sensors for the purpose of tracking and monitoring has opened the door of numerous fields of sensor applications. A WSN is a collection of nodes which are organized into a network. Sensor nodes can gather the information from an unattended location and transmit to a particular user. In wireless sensor network, sensor(More)
With the increasing demand of mobiles day by day the number of nodes in the mobile adhoc networks (MANETs) keeps on increasing. MANETs consist of nodes which can act as a router as well as host. With the advancement in movement of nodes the configuration of network keeps on changing. This initiates new issues in the dynamically changing scenario of routes(More)
Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) is a multicarrier communication technique and it has capability to rise above the frequency-selective fading problem, which is common in wireless broadband communications. This has made it popular since last few years. The OFDM system suffers from a number of drawbacks such as the high peak-to-average power(More)
Information Technology has produced huge amounts of data and these data need to be processed to extract information hidden in it. Feature selection techniques often come handy to process these data efficiently. In this paper, a novel approach for feature selection GA-CFS is proposed. The approach is based on Genetic Algorithm (GA), Correlation based Feature(More)