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—We describe how legacy C++ programs can be rejuvenated using C++11 features such as generalized constant expressions, perfect forwarding, and lambda expressions. In general, this work develops a correspondence between different kinds of macros and the C++ declarations to which they should be transformed. We have created a set of demacrofication tools to(More)
This paper introduces a tunably difficult problem for genetic programming (GP) that probes for an upper bound to the amount of heterogeneity that can be represented by a single individual. Although GP's variable-length representation would suggest that there is no upper bound, our results indicate otherwise. The results provide insight into the dynamics(More)
Secure group communication is a central research issue in wireless networks. The security of collaborative work or group oriented applications such as pay per TV, secure video conferencing in wireless networks rely on the effective group key management technique which satisfies the security requirements. This paper presents a survey of three types of group(More)
— In recent years, development of micro sensors for the purpose of tracking and monitoring has opened the door of numerous fields of sensor applications. A WSN is a collection of nodes which are organized into a network. Sensor nodes can gather the information from an unattended location and transmit to a particular user. In wireless sensor network, sensor(More)
Paroxysmal nonkinesigenic dyskinesia (PNKD) is a rare chronic disorder characterized by intermittent, non-movement-related involuntary movements. The response to currently available therapies is inconsistent and temporary. We describe here a patient with infantile-onset PNKD who failed a number of pharmaceutical agents used alone or in combination.(More)
PURPOSE Gentamicin is a widely employed antibiotic, but may reduce calcium uptake by eukaryotic cells. This study was conducted to determine whether gentamicin reduces calcification by porcine aortic valvular interstitial cells (pAVICs) grown in 2D culture, which is a common model for calcific aortic valve disease (CAVD). METHODS AND RESULTS The presence(More)
Collaborative engineering across distributed environments characterizes today's product development practices due to industry trends and info-communications advances. This takes place as ad-hoc fragmented value chains that increasingly require distributed collaborative design amongst companies seeking to conduct early joint design activities to(More)