Aditya Kumar Sharma

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While primary care, obstetrical, and surgical services have started to expand in the world's poorest regions, there is only sparse literature on the essential support systems that are required to make these operations function. Diagnostic imaging is critical to effective rural healthcare delivery, yet it has been severely neglected by the academic, public,(More)
Teaching office applications such as word processing, spreadsheet and presentation skills has been widely debated regarding its necessity, extent and delivery method. Training and Assessment applications such as MyITLab, SAM, etc. are popular tools for training students and are particularly useful in measuring Assurance of Learning (AOL) objectives. Meeting(More)
Choose any group of educators and say Mainframe computing and if a glazed look does not cross his or her face then in all likelihood the first thought is " legacy computer. " Mainframe computing appears to be either uninteresting or thought of as a computer past its prime. However, both assumptions are leading to a shortage of IS professionals in the(More)
The yeast has important role in fermentation of wine grapes and wine quality. The fermentation of wine grapes affect by efficiency of particular yeast strain, sugar content, pH, available temperature, etc. To evaluate the efficiency of yeast strains (Premier Cuvee, RS-1, RS-2, RS-3 and natural), present study was conducted on two wine grape varieties viz.;(More)
Information Systems Security as a specialized area of study has mostly been taught at the graduate level. This paper highlights the efforts of establishing an Information Systems (IS) Security track at the undergraduate level. As there were many unanswered questions and concerns regarding the Security curriculum, focus areas, the benefit of certifications,(More)
Virulence is described as an ability of an organism to infect the host and cause a disease. Virulence factors are the molecules that assist the bacterium colonize the host at the cellular level. These factors are either secretory, membrane associated or cytosolic in nature. The cytosolic factors facilitate the bacterium to undergo quick adaptive—metabolic,(More)
  • Naga Vamsi Krishna Jasti, Aditya Sharma, Shashikantha Karinka
  • 2015
Purpose – The concept of " green product development (GPD) " has been emerged as a global phenomenon. The main objective of GPD is to minimize the impact of industrial growth on the environment across the globe. Many researchers have actively contributed articles for developing GPD, but none of them provide direction and guidance for an effective(More)
Many factors have led to the increase of online courses and programs. The concern for educators is assuring the quality of education programs. Therefore, online delivery must continually ensure not only student success but make certain the student outcomes are at least similar. Since online students do not have the opportunity to engage with a dynamic,(More)
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