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Atomic regions are an important concept in correct concurrent programming: since atomic regions can be viewed as having executed in a single step, atomicity greatly reduces the number of possible interleavings the programmer needs to consider. This paper describes a method for building atomicity into a programming language in an organic fashion. We take the(More)
In this paper, we show that it is feasible for a mobile phone to be used as an SOS beacon in an aerial search and rescue operation. We show with various experiments that we can reliably detect WiFi-enabled mobile phones from the air at distances up to 200 m. By using a custom mobile application that triggers WiFi scanning with the display off, we can(More)
In order to achieve higher I/O throughput and better overall system performance, it is necessary for commercial storage systems to fully exploit the increasing core counts on modern systems. At the same time, legacy systems with millions of lines of code cannot simply be rewritten for improved scalability. In this paper, we describe the evolution of the(More)
The Lustre File System architecture supports Object Based Storage. It separates data and metadata path of file system operations. An outage of the Metadata Server could considerably degrade the system performance. Providing a backup Metadata Server will increase the availability of Lustre File System to 99.9%. The backup server monitors the primary server(More)
While it is often convenient for mobile cellular devices to have a public IP address, we show that such devices are vulnerable to stealthy malicious attacks. In particular, we show with experiments on three 4G/LTE cellular data networks in Singapore that it is easy for an attacker to initiate three different types of attacks on such mobile devices: (i) data(More)
'Statistical Heuristic Assessment is an exploratory technique from the User Experience (UX) Design 'Tool Kit'; and is an integral component of Usability/ UX Assessment of software applications or products. This technique of investigating Usability 'Show Stoppers' helps in highlighting key changes necessary for enhancing User Experience and integrating the(More)
Two-dimensional networks of quantum dots connected by atomic bonds have an electronic structure that is distinct from that of arrays of quantum dots coupled by ligand molecules. We prepared atomically coherent two-dimensional percolative networks of PbSe quantum dots connected via atomic bonds. Here, we show that photoexcitation leads to generation of free(More)
The Fibrolamellar variant of Hepatocellular Carcinoma (FLHCC) is a rare form of liver cancer that presents in the 3rd decade of life, is rarely associated with cirrhosis or chronic Hepatitis B/C virus infection, and usually presents with normal serum alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) levels. FLHCC presenting during pregnancy is extremely rare, with only 4 cases(More)
User Experience Design & Management conception is yet to be designed in an industrial model so as to produce better digital, multi-channel services and products for the consumers (end users). This, in today's age has become even more critical as the demands of such requirements across major industry verticals (IT and Products) has increased many fold. A(More)