Aditya Kaushal Ranjan

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TLS is the cryptographic protocol used in the internet. It consists of set of protocols which are used for negotiation of cryptographic parameters, encryption-decryption and reporting errors during the process. Security Analysis of any cryptographic protocol is very much needed to discover vulnerability and to evaluate its security properties. First we(More)
Today most of the enterprises are outsourcing their data backups onto online cloud storage, services offered by third party. In such environment, security of offsite data is most prominent requirement. Tang et el. Has proposed, designed and implemented FADE, a secure overlay cloud storage system. Fade assures file deletion, making files unrecoverable after(More)
In this Paper, we have proposed a new captcha based on digits and symbols. It is based on the facts that it is difficult for the machine to interpret symbols and perform the tasks accordingly from two different datasets. We have also pointed out the main anti-recognition and anti-segmentation features from previous works and implemented them on our proposed(More)
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