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We have proposed a verification-driven learning model that facilitates students' involvement in real-world computing tasks starting from their early computing courses and continuing throughout their entire computing studies. The initial purpose of the verification-driven learning model is to enrich the context of lessons, courses, and the CS programs,(More)
Based on the verification-driven learning (VDL) model, we have proposed a methodology for turning real-world software systems into platforms for CS students to carry out active and in-depth studies in software development. The purpose of the VDL model is to enrich the context of software engineering education. VDL cases can be a supplement to other teaching(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to thank Dr. Shengru Tu for guiding me throughout my thesis. Without his help, I could not finish this thesis. I would like to thank Dr. Adlai DePano and Dr. Christopher Taylor to be part of my defense committee members. Lastly, I would like to thank all my friends and my parents who gave me so much love and encouragement.
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