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Gliomas are some of the most aggressive types of cancers but the blood–brain barrier acts as an obstacle to therapeutic intervention in brain-related diseases. The blood–brain barrier blocks the permeation of potentially toxic compounds into neural tissue through the interactions of brain endothelial cells with glial cells (astrocytes and pericytes) which(More)
An important approach for efficient inference in probabilistic graphical models exploits symmetries among objects in the domain. Symmetric variables (states) are collapsed into meta-variables (meta-states) and inference algorithms are run over the lifted graphical model instead of the flat one. Our paper extends existing definitions of symmetry by(More)
Monte-Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) algorithms such as UCT are an attractive online framework for solving planning under uncertainty problems modeled as a Markov Decision Process. However, MCTS search trees are constructed in flat state and action spaces, which can lead to poor policies for large problems. In a separate research thread, domain abstraction(More)
ions are a useful tool for computing policies in large domains modeled as a Markov Decision Process. Prior work in this field is mostly focused on developing different notions for state abstractions. In this paper, we develop a novel framework for abstractions, which unifies prior work and directly exploits symmetry at the state-action pair level, thereby(More)
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