Aditya Gaykar

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An educational institution needs to have an approximate prior knowledge of enrolled students to predict their performance in future academics. This helps them to identify promising students and also provides them an opportunity to pay attention to and improve those who would probably get lower grades. As a solution, we have developed a system which can(More)
In this paper we apply data mining tools to predict college failure and dropout. In Current year the researcher focuses on the new area of analysis like Educational data mining (EDM). Educational data mining techniques drawn from varied literatures which have data mining and machine learning. In this paper we are collecting the student’s information from(More)
Maximum flow problem is a fundamental network flow problem. The problem in general is find the maximum amount of flow that is allowed in a network at a particular time. Many sequential algorithms such as Ford-Fulkerson algorithm, Edmonds-Karp algorithm, Goldberg’s “generic” maximum flow algorithm, have been designed to solve this problem. In this paper, we(More)
The emerging threats to user privacy over the internet are increasing at an alarming rate. Signingin from an unreliable terminal into a web account may result in compromising private details of a user such as username and password, by means of keylogger software. Such software are capable of recording keystrokes secretly, via covert channels without the(More)
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