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With the advancement of ICT (Information, Communication Technology), the words like E-government and E-governance have come into prominence. In fact both these terms are used synonymously although they are quite different and have differing audiences to cater to and different objectives to achieve. The purpose here is to create clarity in relation to these(More)
Today gaming is an inherent part of the lives of all people and the focus has shifted from fixed display gaming to Mixed Reality, leaving a gaping hole for secure software engineering approaches addressing both technical and human factors; along with the limitations of the current practices which shadow the outlook of the overall gaming experience. In this(More)
This paper presents a methodology for synthesizing and visualizing 3D terrain model from SRTM data. The synthesized terrain model is color coded for different height levels of the corresponding region. The height information of different geographical region is obtained and terrain synthesized by segmenting the massive data file containing grid of height(More)
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