Aditya Chauhan

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Solar energy harvesting through pyroelectric effect has been under the scrutiny of researchers since the past few years. However, the low energy density coupled with requirement of rapid temperature fluctuations has hindered any successful commercial ventures in this field. This study is an attempt towards eliminating these drawbacks associated with(More)
With an ever increasing dependence on electrical energy for powering modern equipment and electronics, research is focused on the development of efficient methods for the generation, storage and distribution of electrical power. In this regard, the development of suitable dielectric based solid-state capacitors will play a key role in revolutionizing modern(More)
basic computational cost of GPR is O(n 3) [12], due to the fact that an n 2 n matrix needs to be inverted for both the gradient calculations required for hyperparameter optimization [12, eq. (5.9)]; and inference (13). This computational expense may become prohibitive for large n. In contrast, even though hyperparameter optimization under BSVR likewise(More)
Wetlands in tropical and sub-tropical landscapes are experiencing changes and loss due to urbanization and intensive human use, but there is sparse detailed understanding of how these affect use by wetland-dependent birds. Urbanization and conversion of community wetlands to private fish ponds are occurring rapidly in Haryana state in north India. We(More)
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