Aditya Bagchi

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A social network represents a social community as a directed graph. Formation of Web-communities and referral systems has exploited Web as a source of social network. Efforts have been made to represent Web as a social network and then to analyze the corresponding digraph. Authors of this paper have earlier proposed a data model for Web- based social(More)
Traditionally, <i>support</i> is considered to be the standard measure for frequent itemset generation in Association Rule mining. This paper provides a new measure called <i>togetherness</i> where dissociation among items is also considered as a parameter in the frequent itemset generation process. Results of performance analysis show that association(More)
From information security point of view, an enterprise is considered as a collection of assets and their interrelations. These interrelations may be built into the enterprise information infrastructure, as in the case of connection of hardware elements in network architecture, or installation of software or information assets in hardware. As a result,(More)
abstract A social network defines the structure of a social community like an organization or institution, covering its members and their interrelation ships. Social relationships among the members of a community can be of different types like friendship, kinship, professional, academic, and so forth. Traditionally, a social network is represented by a(More)
This paper presents a graph-based formalism for an Ontology Based Access Control (OBAC) system applied to Digital Library (DL) ontology. It uses graph transformations, a graphical specification technique based on a generalization of classical string grammars to nonlinear structures. The proposed formalism provides an executable specification that exploits(More)
A social network represents a social community as a directed graph. Communication on the Web has given rise to social network formation like, Web Community, Referral System etc. An earlier effort has proposed a data model for such Web-based social network. Present paper discusses the relevant index structures for processing queries on a social network(More)