Aditya Bagchi

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abstract A social network defines the structure of a social community like an organization or institution, covering its members and their interrelation ships. Social relationships among the members of a community can be of different types like friendship, kinship, professional, academic, and so forth. Traditionally, a social network is represented by a(More)
Traditionally, <i>support</i> is considered to be the standard measure for frequent itemset generation in Association Rule mining. This paper provides a new measure called <i>togetherness</i> where dissociation among items is also considered as a parameter in the frequent itemset generation process. Results of performance analysis show that association(More)
This paper presents a graph-based formalism for an Ontology Based Access Control (OBAC) system applied to Digital Library (DL) ontology. It uses graph transformations, a graphical specification technique based on a generalization of classical string grammars to nonlinear structures. The proposed formalism provides an executable specification that exploits(More)
A social network represents a social community as a directed graph. Communication on the Web has given rise to social network formation like, Web Community, Referral System etc. An earlier effort has proposed a data model for such Web-based social network. Present paper discusses the relevant index structures for processing queries on a social network(More)