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Sensor networks are multi-hop wireless networks of resource constrained sensor nodes used to realize high-level collaborative sensing tasks. To query and access data generated and stored at the sensor nodes, the sensor network can be looked upon as a distributed database. The unique characteristics of sensor networks such as limited memory and energy(More)
OBJECTIVES There is paucity of information regarding clinical profile of hypopituitarism from India. We report the clinical profile of hypopituitarism from a tertiary center in North India. MATERIALS AND METHODS This study was carried out in patients attending our endocrine center between January 2010 and December 2011. All new patients were studied(More)
INTRODUCTION Hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT) is frequently complicated by endocrine abnormalities and loss of bone mass. This prospective study was conducted to evaluate the bone loss post-HSCT. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 50 patients was evaluated pretransplantation, and 25 had HSCT (17 males, 8 females; 19 allogenic, 6 autologous). Bone(More)
INTRODUCTION Liver is involved with the synthesis of carrier proteins and metabolism of various hormones and liver diseases may, therefore, be associated with various endocrine disturbances. This study was conducted to assess thyroid and gonadal function in subjects with acute hepatitis (AH), chronic liver disease (CLD), and those who had undergone liver(More)
Polyostotic fibrous dysplasia is a rare non-inheritable genetic disease due to mutation in GNAS gene. Here we present two adults who were accidentally detected lytic lesions in spine and after extensive evaluation for malignancies; was diagnosed on biopsy. Current concept of the disease and management is discussed.
Association of Grave's ophthalmopathy with hyperthyroidism is well known, and it has also been reported in euthyroid or hypothyroid autoimmune thyroiditis, which rarely requires treatment. Here, we report a case of bilaterally symmetrical severe corticosteroid-resistant hypothyroid Grave's ophthalmopathy successfully treated with rituximab.
BACKGROUND In recent times, there are reports of adrenal dysfunction in whole spectrum of liver disease. Adrenal insufficiency (AI) has been shown to correlate with progression of liver disease. Hence this study was conducted to assess adrenal function in subjects with acute liver disease (ALD), chronic liver disease (CLD) and post liver transplantation(More)
A 19-year-old girl presented with classical features of Cushing's syndrome. Endocrinal evaluation was consistent with pituitary source of ACTH; but imaging showed normal pituitary. Bilateral inferior petrosal sinus sampling confirmed the diagnosis. A successful remission was achieved after adenomectomy by transphenoidal route. Histopathological examination(More)