Aditi Mandal

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In this article, we introduce an improved optimization based technique for the synthesis of circular antenna array. The main objective is to achieve minimum side lobe levels, maximum directivity and null control for the non-uniform, planar circular antenna array. The design procedure utilizes an improved variant of a prominent and efficient metaheuristic(More)
Considering that a magneto-optic Faraday effect may play an important role in the design of multirange electric current measurements, a novel range-changing facility using shunts is proposed and fabricated to demonstrate the effectiveness of an intensity-modulated fiber-optic current sensor. The current sensing over three orders of magnitude is demonstrated(More)
Microstrip antennas are excited for radiation modes using different techniques which lead to best impedance matching between the feed line and the patch. This paper describes two techniques which use microstrip line and also coaxial line as feed line for a rectangular patch. The analysis was carried out using ANSOFT High frequency structure simulator(More)
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