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BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Knowledge about malaria, attitude and health seeking behaviour of fever patients attending Medicine Out Patient Department at Safdarjang Hospital, New Delhi were studied from June to August 2003. METHODS Cross-sectional survey comprising 200 fever cases was done with prestructured and pretested questionnaire. Data on(More)
OBJECTIVES Fever is among the most common reasons for emergency department (ED) visits by children. This study compares temporal artery thermometry to rectal thermometry in febrile children in an ED. METHODS This was a retrospective evaluation of children younger than 36 months treated consecutively in an urban medical center. Patients underwent triage(More)
Background and objective Sex maturity rating (SMR), defines different levels of sexual maturity, based on the development of secondary sexual characteristics. Periodic assessment of pubertal maturation by physicians is crucial for timely identification of puberty-related disorders. With this pilot study, we aimed to assess the attitudes, knowledge and(More)
Williams syndrome is a multisystem disorder caused by contiguous gene deletion in 7q11.23, commonly associated with distinctive facial features, supravalvular aortic stenosis, short stature, idiopathic hypercalcemia, developmental delay, joint laxity, and a friendly personality. The clinical features of 15q11q13 duplication syndrome include autism, mental(More)
IN BRIEF This study reports performance of A1C against the oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) in predicting prediabetes among overweight and obese African-American and Caribbean children. A retrospective chart review was completed for 230 children. Receiver operating characteristic curves were generated to find the predictive performances of different tests(More)
Background Timely and periodic pubertal assessment in children is vital to identify puberty related disorders. Pediatricians need to have working knowledge of puberty time and tempo. Pediatric residency is an important platform to acquire physical examination skills including pubertal assessment. Objective An educational intervention for teaching pubertal(More)
BACKGROUND Prediabetes or diabetes (characterized by hemoglobin A1c [HbA1c] levels ≥ 5.7 gm%) has been associated with numerous long-term complications. Family consumer behaviors are important risk factors that lead to impaired glucose tolerance or diabetes. However, few studies have studied the association between the family consumer environment and(More)
Obesity is on the rise worldwide. An obesity subtype, metabolically healthy obese (MHO), is resilient to unfavorable metabolic and cardiovascular effects. Factors predicting MHO phenotype are not well characterized. We aimed to identify MHO and metabolically unhealthy obese (MUO) children and adolescents with respect to metabolic factors, and to find(More)
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