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Routing protocols based on limited flooding can be used reliably in small scale underwater networks for fleets of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). Scalability issues inherent in flooding are addressed by COFSNET+ [3], a framework protocol that controls which nodes will retransmit a packet during its delivery. COFSNET+ does not specify a method for the(More)
Identifying performance of classifier is a challenging task. SVM plays an important role in classification. Here different kernel parameters are used as a tuning parameter to improve the classification accuracy. There are mainly four different types of kernels (Linear, Polynomial, RBF, and Sigmoid) that are popular in SVM classifier. The paper presents SVM(More)
Research in cancer chemoprevention provides convincing evidence that increased intake of vegetables and fruits may reduce the risk of several human malignancies. Phytochemicals present therein provide beneficial anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that serve to improve the cellular microenvironment. Compounds known as flavonoids categorized(More)
Data mining can help researchers to gain novel and deep insights for understanding of large datasets. Nowadays, people are using data mining algorithms in different contexts like banking, hospitals, marketing etc. Classification algorithm plays a vital role. In the study, we found that SVM is the best classifier amongst all the classifiers. Here we used(More)
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