Aditi Dubey

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RNA interference (RNAi) is a widely used molecular biology technique to investigate the importance of specific genes in molecular pathways. Since mammalian cells are equipped with endogenous RNAi processing machinery, it has become common practice to transfect constructs that encode for short hairpin RNAs that are then cleaved to form the active RNAi(More)
  • Ashish Mehra, Kang G Shin, Farnam Jahanian, Sugih Jamin, Dilip Kandlur, Toby Teorey +39 others
  • 1997
To my mother and the precious memories of my father. For me you were the guilding light The radiance of a humble soul The glitter of a golden heart My precious jewel that fate stole. Nay, the jewel's there I realize Studded on the canvas of time The life you sketched now emits a glow Illuminating the past we left behind. ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I write this(More)
Selenocysteine (Sec) is a critical residue in at least 25 human proteins that are essential for antioxidant defense and redox signaling in cells. Sec is inserted into proteins cotranslationally by the recoding of an in-frame UGA termination codon to a Sec codon. In eukaryotes, this recoding event requires several specialized factors, including a dedicated,(More)
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