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Graphical user interfaces (GUIs) are important parts of today's software and their correct execution is required to ensure the correctness of the overall software. A popular technique to detect defects in GUIs is to test them by executing test cases and checking the execution results. Test cases may either be created manually or generated automatically from(More)
Quality assurance (QA) tasks, such as testing, profiling,and performance evaluation, have historically been donein-house on developer-generated workloads and regressionsuites. Since this approach is inadequate for many systems,tools and processes are being developed to improve softwarequality by increasing user participation in the QA process.A limitation(More)
Test designers widely believe that the overall effectiveness and cost of software testing depends largely on the type and number of test cases executed on the software. In this paper we show that the test oracle used during testing also contributes significantly to test effectiveness and cost. A test oracle is a mechanism that determines whether a software(More)
" Nightly/daily building and smoke testing " have become widespread since they often reveal bugs early in the software development process. During these builds, software is compiled, linked, and (re)tested with the goal of validating its basic functionality. Although successful for conventional software, smoke tests are difficult to develop and(More)
With the widespread deployment of broadband connections worldwide, software development and maintenance are increasingly being done by multiple engineers, often working around-the-clock to maximize code churn rates. To ensure rapid quality assurance of such software, techniques such as " nightly/daily building and smoke testing " have become widespread(More)
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