Adisorn Leelasantitham

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This paper presents the digital image encryption scheme for biometric facial image using Cellular Automata (CA) for secure image storage. The proposed scheme is relatively simple using a segmentation of CA binary image with embedded secret keys generated by the third class of well-known Wolfram Cellular Automata that exhibits chaotic patterns. Such(More)
This paper presents a study of performances on an automatic wireless robot using IEEE 802.11g standard and infrared sensors. The robot acts a personal computer (PC) controlling equipments (e.g. motors) through a printer port. Window XP is setup on the PC robot which is received a command from notebook (only Start / Stop commands) linked through the use of a(More)
This paper proposes an investment in the stock exchange of Thailand (SET) using ARIMA model and support vector machine. Today, the investors are interesting to invest the stock market because it provides for higher profits than ones from deposit banking. Although the stock market can provide a high benefit for investors, it comes with a high risk too. Thus,(More)
This paper presents an appraisal model of real estate in Thailand using fuzzy logic which is a method for a capable of solving any value in blank land submarkets relative to clustering methods based on classic (or crisp) set theory. The valuer shall record the inspection result regarding condition and location of such land. Systematic analysis shall be(More)
The primary checking for our health at hospital needs to include a chest x-ray as routine diagnosis because it effectively illustrates the lung diseases especially tuberculosis or lung cancer which are asymptomatic earlier. It is a convenient and quick process with a low cost in comparison with other studies. This paper presents an investigation of the(More)
This paper presents Thai boxing martial art (TBMA) computer assisted instruction (CAI) using 3D forward kinematic animation. The 3D models of Thai boxers designed with Poser 7 are imported to 3DS Max 2008 and added with a biped to make them to move the organs. The paper builds a ring and arranges models of the Thai boxers which are put on the ring. Then it(More)
As more community colleges have adopted a video conferencing system for tele-education and tele-meetings, this new conference technology enables a convenient collaborative communication between the branch campuses and the mother campus through the so-called BCCA network. However, the insufficient bandwidth of video conferencing may often result in high(More)
Pair-wise testing is a software testing technique used for design of test cases to test every possibility input parameters pairing interaction together. This result is to decrease in the number of test cases. This paper presents to reduce the number of test cases with pair-wise testing using the reference with algorithm invented and accepted in software(More)
This research is done to study and analyze the comparison for forecasting the gold price using Neural Network, Radial Basis Function Network, and Support Vector Regression. Which the neural network radial basis function network and support vector regression is a method of learning about the machine by using the details of the of the short term prices of the(More)
Welding inspection is highly essential presently owing to task monitoring creates of credibility and safety to the company and all users. Welding inspector is required to use much more ability and experiences including complicated technology as complemented assistance to inspect/check the welding trace in both during welding and after that. Therefore, this(More)