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Literature Review: Identity Construction in the Context of Being a Minority Immigrant Religion: The Case of Western-born Muslims
A wealth of literature on Muslims residing in western liberal democracies has been written over the last two decades or so, in particular after the events of 9/11.1 This article reviews the relevant
Islamic Groups and their World-views and Identities: Neo-Traditional Salafis and Progressive Muslims
This paper presents a snap-shot discussion on the origins and the world-views behind two global contemporary movements among Muslims, namely Neo-Traditional Salafis and Progressive Muslims. It
Factors Determining Religious Identity Construction among Western-born1 Muslims: Towards a Theoretical Framework
The aim of this article is to analyze, on the basis of a particular theoretical approach to identity construction, the factors that shape and help delineate various types of (religious) identity
Constructing a Religiously Ideal ', Believer', and ', Woman', in Islam: Neo-Traditional Salafi and Progressive Muslims' Methods of Interpretation
Genealogy of Debates on the Relative Status and the Authenticity of the Various Sources of Legal Authority in the Sunni Islamic Tradition Neo-Traditional Salafism: Its Main Proponents and Its Manhaj
What Is a Madrasa?
Ebrahim Moosa, a leading theoretician of critical/progressive Muslim thought and a graduate of the ʿālimiyya program at Dar ul Ulum, Nadwatul Ulama, Lucknow, in the early 1980s, has gifted us with a
Neo-Traditional Salafis in the West: Agents of (Self)-Exclusion
This chapter examines how the context of belonging to a new immigrant minority religion group can contribute to the process of facilitation and (re)-enforcement of exclusionary social orientations
Neo-Traditional Salafi Qur'An-Sunnah Hermeneutic and the Construction of a Normative Muslimah Image
The aim of this article is to outline and analyse the delineating features of the Neo-Traditional Salafi model of interpreting Qur'an and Sunnah indicants and the interpretational implications of
Introduction: The Concept of sunna and Its Status in Islamic Law
The concept of sunna, as one of the two normative fountainheads of the Islamic tradition, is of fundamental importance in understanding nearly all the branches of Islamic knowledge, including Islamic