Adirek Munthuli

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This work provides detailed frequency and distribution of Thai phonemes, biphones, and syllable types drawn from three large-scale Thai corpora (InterBEST, LOTUS-BN, and LOTUS-Cell 2.0). Comparisons are carried out to examine an extent to which linguistic variation, associated with different corpus types (written vs. spoken), affects frequency statistics(More)
This paper presents steps in accessing Thai phoneme distribution from large-scale written Thai corpora. The data were from 12 text genres from InterBEST [1], considered the biggest Thai corpora. Each word was transliterated using the grapheme-to-phoneme software [2]. Then, frequency of words, frequency of 81 Thai phonemes in each genre, and the 95% CIs of(More)
Phonemic content is one of many important criteria in a development of any kind of speech testing materials. In this paper, we explain a procedure and tool we created in the process of constructing phonetically-balanced (PB) sentence-length materials for Thai, as an assessment for speech reception thresholds. Our procedure includes establishing criteria,(More)
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