Adinda Freudenthal

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We report the first case of human babesiosis in Portugal. A 66-year-old splenectomized man was admitted to a Lisbon hospital after 1 week of fever, abdominal pain, anorexia and nausea. A high parasitaemia (30%) of Babesia parasites was found in Giemsa-stained blood smears and, despite treatment, the patient died several weeks later of renal failure.(More)
Minimally invasive therapy (MIT) is one of the most important trends in modern medicine. It includes a wide range of therapies in videoscopic surgery and interventional radiology and is performed through small incisions. It reduces hospital stay-time by allowing faster recovery and offers substantially improved cost-effectiveness for the hospital and the(More)
The EU Research Training Network on Augmented Reality in Surgery (ARIS*ER) was established with two aims: (1) to develop next-generation novel image guidance (augmented reality based on medical images) and cross-linked robotic systems (automatic control loops guided by information sensed from the patient) and (2) to educate young researchers in the(More)
Noise is a direct cause of health problems, long-lasting auditory problems and development problems. Preterm infants are, especially, at risk for auditory and neurocognitive development. Sound levels are very high at the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and may contribute to the frequently observed detrimental outcomes of prematurely born infants.(More)
Pablo Lamata1,2, Wajid Ali3, Alicia Cano1, Jordi Cornella3, Jerome Declerck2, Ole J. Elle3, Adinda Freudenthal4, Hugo Furtado5, Denis Kalkofen6, Edvard Naerum3, Eigil Samset3, Patricia Sánchez-Gonzalez1, Francisco M. Sánchez-Margallo7, Dieter Schmalstieg6, Mauro Sette8, Thomas Stüdeli4, Jos Vander Sloten8 and Enrique J. Gómez1 1Universidad Politécnica de(More)
Recent advances in approaches to mixed-initiative user interfaces for desktop applications provide a number of principles, which can be used to embed intelligence in consumer products. An integration of several approaches is proposed towards building an intelligent thermostat that can reduce energy consumption. A statistical model is used to spot trends in(More)
The majority of medical device incident reports can primarily be attributed to use error. Greater attention to human factors and usability during development of a medical device could improve this situation. However, recent studies have shown that companies do not find the application of a sound usability engineering process according to international(More)
OBJECTIVES Aortic occlusion is one of the most important open discussions in minimally invasive cardiac surgery. Different techniques can be employed, and all have benefits and drawbacks. The objective of our work is to improve the safety of internal aortic occlusion with the Port Access technique, which employs an endoclamp balloon catheter. We propose a(More)
Interventional radiology procedures require extensive cognitive processing from the physician. A set of these cognitive functions are aimed to be replaced by technology in order to reduce the cognitive load. However, limited knowledge is available regarding mental processes in interventional radiology. This research focuses on identifying mental(More)