Adina Nitulescu

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The paper presents an integrated monitoring system for pregnant women in the third trimester using a mobile cardiotocograph and body sensors. The medical staff has a useful tool to detect abnormalities and prevent unfortunate events in time. The mobile cardiotocograph sends data in real time to a Smartphone that communicates the information in a cloud. The(More)
The sensitivity of 112 S. marcescens strains, isolated under various clinico-epidemiologic conditions, was tested by the dilution in agar method against 10 different antibiotics and sulfonamides active against Gram-negative bacteria. With the maximum concentrations used only Gentamycin and nalidixic acid were active against a high proportion of the strains(More)
A restricted biochemical scheme for the identification of enterobacteria, consisting of 12 enzymatic tests, of which 7 performed on the multitest TSI and MIU media (H2S, the production of acid and gas from glucose, fermentation of lactose/saccharose, mobility, urease and indol production) and 5 additional tests performed separately : lysindecarboxylase,(More)
The paper presents the studies of some new complexes of norfloxacin (Nf) and ofloxacin (Of) with Cd(II) and Hg(II). The synthesis, purification and the elemental chemical analysis of the Nf and Of compounds have been performed in order to obtain the chemical formulas. These formulas are confirmed by molecular mass determinations. IR, UV-VIS reflectance(More)
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