Adina Magda Florea

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Efficiency and effectiveness of learning process can be improved by adaptations to learners' learning styles. But for the time being, most of existing education systems lack of adaptation or personalization; every learner is delivered the same learning contents. Many researchers have been studying to find out an efficient way of students' learning style(More)
Mammals are able to convert inorganic arsenic to mono-, di-, and trimethylated metabolites. In previous studies we have shown that the trivalent organoarsenic compounds are more toxic than their inorganic counterparts and that the toxicity is associated with the cellular uptake of the arsenicals. In the present study, we investigated cyto-/genotoxic effects(More)
The paper presents a collaborative on-line learning system for open and distance learning that tries to respond to the requirements of an efficient and motivating learning process. The system comprises several learning modes that try to combine the traditional style of teaching with " problem-based " learning: learning by being told, problem-centred(More)
Emergence is a key element in the research of multi-agent systems. Emergent properties provide higher level features to a system formed of simpler individuals. So far, emergence has been studied mostly through systems formed of reactive agents – that are easier to design and implement. As computational power increases and even small devices become more(More)
A central issue in the domain of Ambient Intelligence is context-awareness. While previous research in the field presents complex context-aware infras-tructures, but with little flexibility and fixed context representations, this paper presents a simple, flexible and decentralized representation of context, for the detection of appropriate context-aware(More)