Adina Magda Florea

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Emergence is a key element in the research of multi-agent systems. Emergent properties provide higher level features to a system formed of simpler individuals. So far, emergence has been studied mostly through systems formed of reactive agents – that are easier to design and implement. As computational power increases and even small devices become more(More)
Representation and reasoning about context information is a main area of research in Ambient Intelligence (AmI). Given the openness and decentralization of many AmI applications, we argue that usage of semantic web technologies for context modeling brings advantages in terms of standards, uniform representation and expressive reasoning. We present an(More)
Efficiency and effectiveness of learning process can be improved by adaptations to learners' learning styles. But for the time being, most of existing education systems lack of adaptation or personalization; every learner is delivered the same learning contents. Many researchers have been studying to find out an efficient way of students' learning style(More)
In the domain of Ambient Intelligence, research goals are many times driven by scenarios that help envisage a world enriched by ambient, pervasive, intelligent services. So far, scenarios have most times presented the perception that one person has upon the system, with few details on how the system should work in the background in order to deal with(More)