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Ancestral and derived attributes of the dlx gene repertoire, cluster structure and expression patterns in an African cichlid fish
BackgroundCichlid fishes have undergone rapid, expansive evolutionary radiations that are manifested in the diversification of their trophic morphologies, tooth patterning and coloration.Expand
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The origin of bmp16, a novel Bmp2/4 relative, retained in teleost fish genomes
BackgroundWhole genome sequences have allowed us to have an overview of the evolution of gene repertoires. The target of the present study, the TGFβ superfamily, contains many genes involved inExpand
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Revealing Less Derived Nature of Cartilaginous Fish Genomes with Their Evolutionary Time Scale Inferred with Nuclear Genes
Cartilaginous fishes, divided into Holocephali (chimaeras) and Elasmoblanchii (sharks, rays and skates), occupy a key phylogenetic position among extant vertebrates in reconstructing theirExpand
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Genetic, Comparative Genomic, and Expression Analyses of the Mc1r Locus in the Polychromatic Midas Cichlid Fish (Teleostei, Cichlidae Amphilophus sp.) Species Group
Natural populations of the Midas cichlid species in several different crater lakes in Nicaragua exhibit a conspicuous color polymorphism. Most individuals are dark and the remaining have a goldExpand
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