Adilson B. Lopes

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Interactive digital television systems should provide concepts of middleware for harmonizing and abstracting discrepancies related to hardware and operating systems issues. In such a context, this paper explores a framework for configuration and management of open, distributed multimedia systems with the purpose of designing and developing a component-based(More)
—The communication between multimedia components located on the same physical machine, but in different address space, uses mechanisms designed for distributed environments. The present paper proposes an inter-component communication model in this context through the use of a shared memory mechanism. This model is based on the shared memory primitives(More)
Applications in distributed multimedia systems need to manage the levels of quality of services in environments that have wide variations of operation properties. So, most of the recent researches are directed towards the establishment of criteria that lead higher quality of services levels. For this, they consider the availability of resources in the(More)
Interactive digital television systems should adopt concepts of adaptation in order to make possible the development of configurable and extensible applications. On the other hand, software component technologies allow software designers to design, develop, maintain and evolve software systems based upon the integration, substitution and adaptation of(More)