Adil Debbagh

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Self-mutilation, a very unusual situation in routine urology, is a rare phenomenon. It is generally observed in a psychotic context, but can be secondary to drug or alcohol abuse. Treatment and management vary according to the severity of the lesions, the time to presentation and the patient's mental state. The authors report 3 cases of self-mutilation,(More)
Transuterine migration of an intrauterine contraceptive device (IUCD) is a rare complication. The authors report a case of IUCD that migrated into the bladder and subsequently became calcified, leading to a false diagnosis of bladder stones. A 38-year-old woman with an IUCD for 3 years presented with haematuria and signs of bladder irritation. Ultrasound(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the feasibility of lumboscopic treatment of simple renal cysts. MATERIAL AND METHODS From January 1999 to January 2002, 17 patients with a mean age of 40 years were operated for symptomatic renal cysts via a retroperitoneal approach. All patients were evaluated by preoperative ultrasonography and CT. A Bosniak type I cyst was(More)
Disorders of sex differentiation cause a discrepancy between sex itself (phenotype) and genetic sex (genotype) which poses a problem in sex determination. In lower socioeconomic level countries where prenatal diagnosis is often absent and technical equipments are inadequate, medical and surgical management is difficult. The aim of this study is to clarify(More)
The authors report a case of idiopathic retroperitoneal fibrosis (RPF) in a 38-year-old man presenting with obstructive acute renal failure. The initial management consisted of urinary diversion by bilateral double-J ureteric stenting. After restoration of normal renal function, CT urography demonstrated retroperitoneal fibrosis surrounding the two ureters.(More)
Les troubles de la différenciation sexuelle sont à l'origine d'une discordance entre le sexe proprement dit (phénotypique) et le sexe génétique (génotypique) ce qui pose un problème de détermination du sexe. Dans les pays de faible niveau socio-économique où le diagnostic anténatal est souvent absent et les plateaux techniques insuffisants, la prise en(More)
Le Phéochromocytome extra-surrénalien ou paragangliome est une tumeur rare. Il dérive de la crête neurale du système neuroendocrinien et il est souvent sécrétant. La plupart de ces tumeurs sont situées dans les ganglions sympathiques abdominaux, y compris l'organe de Zuckerkandl adjacent à la bifurcation de l'aorte abdominale. Les Formes non fonctionnelles(More)
Le rein est l'organe le plus fréquemment atteint lors des traumatismes urologiques. Actuellement la prise en charge des traumatismes rénaux est de plus en plus conservatrice. Nous avons réalisé une étude rétrospective portant sur 55 cas de traumatisme fermé du rein, colligés au service d'urologie au CHU Ibn Rochd de Casablanca sur une période de 6 ans(More)
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