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We present a patient diagnosed with Shapiro syndrome without corpus callosum agenesis. A 4-year-old-girl was admitted to the hospital with complaints of sweating, cooling, and drowsiness that continued during the last week of her admission. Attacks occurred almost daily, and lasted for about 1 hour. All laboratory findings, as well as Holter and(More)
We investigated whether brain SPECT findings show any differences between patients with mild and moderate Alzheimer's disease (AD) and to compare results with event related potentials (ERPs). Twenty-two patients with mild to moderate AD diagnosed according to NINCDS-ADRDA criteria and 10 age-matched control subjects were included in this prospective study.(More)
This study has aimed to determine the diagnostic value of the scintimammography with 99mTc-MIBI in the detection of primary breast cancer and to verify its clinical usefulness. Sixty-three female patients (age range 27-83) with breast lesions detected by physical examination, ultrasonography, and/or mammography were prospectively included in this study. An(More)
We report a patient with lung cancer. The first PET/CT imaging revealed hypermetabolic mass in the left aortopulmonary region and hypermetabolic nodule in the anterior segment of the upper lobe of the left lung. After completing chemotherapy and radiotherapy against the primary mass in the left lung, the patient underwent a second PET/CT examination for(More)
In recent years, flourodeoxyglucose-positron emission tomography/computed tomography (FDG PET/CT) has been used intensively in the field of oncology. However, an increase in FDG uptake has been observed both in malignant tissues, and inflammatory processes. Therefore false-positive results have appeared. We present a 70-year-old male patient who presented(More)
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