Adiki Raja Sekhar

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The two first examples of zwitterionic BODIPYs have been synthesized via a simple SN-Ar methodology. The molecules exhibit excellent optical behavior, such as a large Stokes shift in solution and therefore a very intense emission, and can thus avoid self-quenching. The zwitterionic nature of the molecules was unambiguously elucidated using single crystal(More)
A free-base and its Cu(III) derivative of bichromophoric meso-β linked corrole-BODIPY dyad were synthesized and structurally characterized by single crystal X-ray diffraction (XRD). Both corrole and BODIPY fragments maintained respective ground state electronic isolation despite their connection through a single bond due to a tilted orientation as observed(More)
Two new fluorescent BODIPY dyes have been designed and synthesized. They dyes differ in their meso substituents, which have different electronic properties. Their selective reactivity towards an Ar-S(N)2 reaction has been explored as a potential basis for colorimetric and fluorescent discrimination of primary, secondary and tertiary aliphatic amines. This(More)
Aromatic nucleophilic substitution (Ar-SN) reaction of 3,5-dibromopentafluorophenyl-BODIPY has been explored as a remarkable basis for selective discrimination of anions. The efficient and characteristic ability of anions to modulate the absorption and emission properties of the dye provides an instantaneous distinction through dual-modes. For the first(More)
An easy-to-synthesize Schiff base as a selective and colorimetric fluoride sensor via modulation of intramolecular charge transfer (ICT) has been demonstrated. A typical dual-ion binding property along with its distinct reversibility has been explored for YES, NOR and INH logic functions and a potential "Write-Read-Erase-Read" mimic.
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