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In a knowledge society, transforming data into information and knowledge to support the decision-making process is a crucial success factor for all organizations. In this sense, the mission of Software Engineering is to build systems able to process large volumes of data, transform them into relevant knowledge and deliver them to customers, so they can make(More)
There are many difficulties in implementation of interactive applications. The new technologies used in the development process for Digital Television and the meeting of different areas such as audiovisual and information technology with vocabularies and their own styles of work brought new challenges for the workflow. The APAI: Analysis and Design of(More)
This paper relates the results of a research developed at Federal University of Sergipe (UFS), whose objective was to investigate and evaluate the presence and participation of hospitals in Sergipe on the cyberspace. The research used data form exploratory, quality and quantitative multiple cases. The research allowed determining how much involved hospitals(More)
This paper presents an approach where the process of RE is seen as a business process, and introduces principles of Business Process Management (BPM) in order to increase its performance. Initially, the traditional process of ER is considered, according the SWEBOK, as the initial model (As Is). Then a desirable process (To Be) is defined and modeled, with(More)
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