Adib Kabir Chowdhury

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Sustainable software is a software that able to work in a constraint environment. For example, a classroom without Internet facilities or unstable connection; a field trips; a meeting room or discussion room with inadequate computer facilities and power and etc. In this case, how to enabling a daily activity within such situations without losing the(More)
Reversible computation plays an important role in low power circuit design and efficient energy recycling. In this paper, a switch controlled efficient Reversible Full Adder/Subtractor (RFAS) is presented. RFAS block is further used in the construction of n-bit adder/subtractor. The proposed design is analyzed and compared against the existing reversible(More)
The purpose of this paper is to explore some existing techniques in vision-based registration for Augmented Reality (AR) and present them collectively. AR is a branch of computer vision which generally overlays Virtual Objects (VOs) on actual images of real-world scenes in order to provide additional information about the scene to the user. Due to its wide(More)
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