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How can the components of visual comprehension be characterized as brain activity? Making sense of a dynamic visual world involves perceiving streams of activity as discrete units such as eating breakfast or walking the dog. In order to parse activity into distinct events, the brain relies on both the perceptual (bottom-up) data available in the stimulus as(More)
Fusion algorithms are employed in an attempt to construct a spatio-temporal estimate of neuronal activity using data gathered from multiple functional brain imaging modalities. Here, the estimate is built by placing a dipole in each voxel of the modality with highest spatial resolution, and estimating the time course of each dipole without constraining(More)
Comdb2 is a distributed database system designed for geographical replication and high availability. In contrast with the latest trends in this field, Comdb2 o↵ers full transactional support, a standard relational model, and the expressivity of SQL. Moreover, the system allows for rich stored procedures using a dialect of Lua. Comdb2 implements a(More)
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