Adi Wijaya Gani

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Magnetic biosensors have emerged as a sensitive and versatile platform for high performance medical diagnostics. These magnetic biosensors require well-tailored magnetic particles as detection probes, which need to give rise to a large and specific biological signal while showing very low nonspecific binding. This is especially important in wash-free(More)
Quantitative immunoassay tests in clinical laboratories require trained technicians, take hours to complete with multiple steps, and the instruments used are generally immobile-patient samples have to be sent in to the labs for analysis. This prevents quantitative immunoassay tests to be performed outside laboratory settings. A portable, quantitative(More)
Giant magnetoresistive (GMR) biosensors consisting of many rectangular stripes are being developed for high sensitivity medical diagnostics of diseases at early stages, but many aspects of the sensing mechanism remain to be clarified. Using e-beam patterned masks on the sensors, we showed that the magnetic nanoparticles with a diameter of 50 nm located(More)
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