Adi Soeprijanto

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Dynamic stability analysis is one of important issue in electrical power system study. This paper aims to analyze and design the control of power generation operation system in small disturbance events. This condition is affected by changes in the prime mover of mechanical power input in generator system due to power fluctuation in load, so that the system(More)
Face recognition has been an active research topic in the past few decades due to its potential applications. Accurate face recognition is still a difficult task, especially in the case that illumination is unconstrained. This paper presents an efficient method for the recognition of faces with different illumination by using Gabor features, which are(More)
In this paper Quantum Genetic Algorithm (QGA) is combined with The Newton Raphson power flow (NR power flow) to optimize the placement and sizing of Distributed Generations (DG's) in electrical power systems. QGA is used to find the optimal placement and generate real power of DG in accordance with mathematical calculations and NR Power Flow is used to(More)
This paper represents the Gravitational Search Algorithm (GSA) that can be used to determine the optimal location and rating of Thyristor controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC). TCSC is equipment used to regulate and improve power flow in power system. The method used in this study was GSA. TCSC were the implemented on 500kV Java-Bali Power System. Loadflow(More)
Power systems in all over the world have increased in size and complexity due to rapid growth of widespread interconnection. This situation will make power system operated closer to steady-state stability limit (SSSL) resulting in higher probability voltage instability or voltage collapse. This paper presents SSSL assessment in power system using Artificial(More)
Chaos appears as nonlinear oscillations in a power system and these phenomena are caused by Disturbing of Energy (DE) when a power system is in critical loading. Chaos causes instability and voltage collapse and must be avoided. The ANFIS-based Composite Controller (ANFIS-CC) is proposed to solve these phenomena. The ANFIS-CC has a more efficient(More)
This paper presents a novel algorithm of an optimal power flow (OPF), which possible be used for real time applications. The proposed algorithm uses neural networks (NNs) to model the generator capability curves and set them as the output power constraints of the generators. In addition, it also uses NNs to replace an OPF based on the particle swarm(More)
The productivity of oyster mushroom cultivation in low-lying areas are still not optimal. This is due to the cultivation of oyster mushrooms needs ideal temperature and humidity (temperature 22–28 ° C with a humidity of 60% – 80%), while nowadays temperature and humidity preservation process is done in a conventional manner. Given these(More)
This paper presents a gravitational search algorithm (GSA) method for voltage control, which reduces transmission losses by adjusting the reactive power variables, such as generator voltages and other sources of reactive power, such as capacitor banks, and provides better system voltage profile. The objective function of the proposed method is to minimize(More)