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This paper presents an image representation and matching framework for image categorization in medical image archives. Categorization enables one to determine automatically, based on the image content, the examined body region and imaging modality. It is a basic step in content-based image retrieval (CBIR) systems, the goal of which is to augment text-based(More)
This work focuses on a general framework for image representation and image matching that may be appropriate for medical image archives. The proposed methodology is comprised of a continuous and probabilistic image representation scheme using Gaussian mixture modeling (GMM) along with information-theoretic image matching measures (KL). The GMM-KL framework(More)
In the near future, the majority of personal computers are expected to have several processing units. This is referred to as Core Multiprocessing (CMP). Furthermore, each of the computation units will be capable of running multiple hardware threads. To benefit from the additional processing power, application developers should multithread their software.(More)
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