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Intellectual disability (ID) affects 1%-3% of the general population. We recently reported on a family with autosomal-recessive mental retardation with anterior maxillary protrusion and strabismus (MRAMS) syndrome. One of the reported patients with ID did not have dysmorphic features but did have temporal lobe epilepsy and psychosis. We report on the(More)
BACKGROUND The combination of microcephaly, pyramidal signs, abnormal corpus callosum, and intellectual disability presents a diagnostic challenge. We describe an autosomal recessive disorder characterized by microcephaly, pyramidal signs, thin corpus callosum, and intellectual disability. METHODS We previously mapped the locus for this disorder to(More)
Postnatal microcephaly is defined as normal head circumference at birth, which progressively declines to more than 2 standard deviations below the average for the patient's age and sex. We describe four patients from three consanguineous families of Arab Bedouin origin who presented with autosomal recessive inheritance of progressive microcephaly,(More)
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