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CONTEXT The conventional view that obesity is beneficial for bone strength has recently been challenged by studies that link obesity, particularly visceral obesity, to low bone mass and fractures. It is controversial whether effects of obesity on bone are mediated by increased bone resorption or decreased bone formation. OBJECTIVE The objective of the(More)
Calcium homeostasis is essential for the normal function of many organ systems. The recently cloned extracellular calcium-sensing receptor plays a central role in this process and thus represents an important target for therapeutic agents aimed at treating disorders of calcium metabolism. Compounds, such as the phenylalkylamines NPS 568 and AMG 073, act as(More)
UNLABELLED We compared microarchitecture and mechanical competence parameters measured by high-resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography (HR-pQCT) and finite-element analysis of radius and tibia to those measured by histomorphometry, micro-CT, and finite-element analysis of transiliac bone biopsies. Correlations were weak to moderate between(More)
Declination is taken as the focus of studying pitch phenomena from an acoustic, physiological and perceptual point of view. It is shown that originally declination was no more than a theoretical construct to account for the interpretation of acoustic F0 recordings. Recently, psycholinguistic considerations have enhanced the domain of application so as to(More)
Idiopathic osteoporosis (IOP) in premenopausal women is characterized by fragility fractures at low or normal bone mineral density (BMD) in otherwise healthy women with normal gonadal function. Histomorphometric analysis of transiliac bone biopsy samples has revealed microarchitectural deterioration of cancellous bone and thinner cortices. To examine bone(More)
Bone strength depends on the amount of bone, typically expressed as bone mineral density (BMD), determined by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA), and on bone quality. Bone quality is a multifactorial entity including bone structural and material compositional properties. The purpose of the present study was to examine whether bone material composition(More)
BACKGROUND We have previously reported that subjects randomized to alendronate or calcitriol immediately after cardiac transplantation sustained minimal bone loss during the first year, significantly less than a concurrently transplanted reference group that received calcium and parent vitamin D. In this extension, we evaluated the effect of discontinuing(More)
OBJECTIVE To review systematically and analyze the association between environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) exposure and the risk of dying from heart disease in women. METHODS We searched the English-language literature using MEDLINE (1966-April 2004), CINAHL, PsychInfo, and bibliographies of selected studies. We included studies that specifically addressed(More)
BACKGROUND Despite guidelines recommending avoidance of peanuts during infancy in the United Kingdom (UK), Australia, and, until recently, North America, peanut allergy (PA) continues to increase in these countries. OBJECTIVE We sought to determine the prevalence of PA among Israeli and UK Jewish children and evaluate the relationship of PA to infant and(More)
BACKGROUND The prevalence and natural history for food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome (FPIES) have not been determined. OBJECTIVE We sought to determine the prevalence, clinical manifestations, and rate of recovery for FPIES in a large-scale, population-based prospective study. METHODS In a prospective study the feeding history of 13,019 infants(More)